Friday, October 29, 2010

Fitness Studio Makeover

This is my Barbie House basement fitness studio area that I have been working on the project of curtains the last 2 nights.
I still have some work to do, sell a piece and move the closet section but so far the floor has been painted and now the curtains made so it is coming along nicely.

Finished project:
Paint floor Tan - done
Wall of curtain to cover small windows - done
Art work in center - bought not hung
Condence clothes racks - this weekend
Sell antique piece - listed on craigslist
Build desk and new office/book shelf/hide water heater - not even started
New can lighting - not even started
New outlet - not even started

I will be teaching Heavy bag boxing/self defense for women one on one, which is why I am doing this. Plus my youtube videos should look nicer.
Diane also suggested I create a logo, so I may work on that as a finishing touch not sure yet. (to place on the opposite wall)

The colors are more clear on the first shot of the wall the curtain panels are 50's era aqua, and dark charcoal gray. (it looks purple in the one shot)

Here are the before and afters:
(please keep in mind this is only about 200 sq ft)

My good friend Diane that helped me with the curtain project she so sweet!

My basement studio



The side I film my youtubes on (I just cover that window with a picture for filming)


After (see it looks purple but its very dark charcoal almost black)

Plus my Halloween Dept 56 window decorations :-)

Let me know your thoughts of the new wall, it will have a piece of artwork large on the center black section (its a Kandinsky abstract)


  1. I have quotes along my wall to keep me motivated

  2. Nice! It actually makes it look bigger somehow like you have another room hiding behind the curtains. Definitely an upgrade. WTG!