Friday, October 29, 2010

P90X Round 3 Lean Week 13

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Moving on.......away from the candy dish!

Yesterday I finished my double workout, Kenpo in the morning and after work Yoga class burning 133 cals. I came in with a total calorie blast of 504 for the!

That means Thursday was Day 3 (Kenpo) & 4 (Yoga X) workouts leaving today as Day 5 Cardio X.

But this morning after staying up late and finishing the curtain project I did not do a workout. Tired T.

Good news is that I did a 3 mile run at lunch, and the basement looks FABULOUS!!!

I took the before and after pictures (without the art work) and will post those this weekend, and ask for opinions. Now I have to sell that little antique dresser and I will have the space I need to start training Heavy bag boxing for women.

I will take my stats this weekend, and wrap up P90X for the year posting all changes made.

P90X Lean Week 13 Day 5
Yoga (I did this last night as a double)
Cardio X = Run 3 miles

Workout - Cardio 3 mile run
Mood - puuurfect
Time of workout = 30 minutes
Cals burned = 219

Happy Halloween!

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