Wednesday, October 27, 2010

P90X Round 3 Week 13

4 more P90X workouts left to go, and I will be a 3 time graduate.

I will get in a double on Thursday since its Yoga Class that night, giddy up! Puts me ending round 3 on October 31st right on target woot woot!

Tonight my girlfriend if she does not cancel for the 3rd time is coming over to make the curtains for the basement with me. (so that I can start teaching heavy bag training $$$) The plan is pizza and salad, so I need to pre-blast some calories!

After workout smoothie:
1 banana
2 scoops vanilla ice cream whey
1 cup water

AM Workout - Core Synergistics
Afternoon Workout - Run/Walk inclines

P90X Lean Round 3 Week 13 Day 2
Workout - Core Synergistic

Mood - Refreshed (hit snooze 1 time)
Wt - 124
Time of workout = 40 min
Cals burned = 120

Body Stats: (this is where I was last October, wake up T!)
WT - 124
BF% 24.0
BMI 21.3

7 minute Warm up:
Neck rolls
Back wide arm stretch
Tapas stretch (sumo squat w/arms out to laterally)
High knee taps
Jog, wide, knees down, knees up
J Jacks 25
Forward bend stationary
Straight leg forward bend
Standing hamstring stretch

Stacked staggered pushups 2x5
Banana rolls 2 min
Leaning crescent lunge 24 w/3lb db
Squat run 1 min w/3lb db
Sphinx pushups 10
Bow to boat 10
Low lateral skaters w/leg lift 25
Lunge and reach 25 w/3lb db
Prison push ups 10



  1. That's an impressive accomplishment. Most people don't even get through P90X once.

  2. Thanks so much Tom!
    This round was the most challenging to keep on course with :-)