Wednesday, October 13, 2010

P90X Round 3 Cardio X

Last night I hit a few rounds on the heavy bag, felt great!

I miss that and really enjoyed hitting the mits during self defense a few weekends ago, so I think I am healed enough to go back to boxing. Yah!

Fall colors are here, going to snap some pictures at lunch today instead of walking or running or that is the plan.

After workout smoothie;
2 scoops vanilla whey
5 strawberries
1 c water

P90X Round 3 Lean Phase 3 Week 12 Day 2

Workout - Cardio X

Mood - Oh yeah
Wt = 124
Time of workout = 35
Cals burned = 198

Downward dog
Upward dog
Forward bend
Swan dive
Runners lunge
Warrior 1, 2 and reverse warrior

Ball kick - 2x25
Hook upper cut side kick - 2x25
Knuckles ball kick back kick - 2x25
Jab cross hook upper cut - 2x25
3 direction kicks 2x18

Repeat this series 2 times:
Airborn heisman 30 sec
Swing kicks 30 sec
Jump shots 30 sec
Snow tire 30 sec
Wacky jacks 30 seconds


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