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Tom Venuto on Sleep and Muscle Loss

Sleep and Muscle Loss
By Tom Venuto On October 22, 2010

You all know how much I think Tom Venuto RAWKS he is the king of kings with body fat loss and his programs work wonders. Just check out this latest email on Sleep and how he explains this so simple on the effects of your training habits.

Here it is:
Under Holy Grail Body Transformation Content In this post, I’d like to talk to you about how to retain lean body mass (or even gain some) while dieting, by avoiding common mistakes that lead to muscle loss.

One of those mistakes is lack of sleep.

I’m not sure about you, but in the last few years I’ve been hearing a lot about the effect of sleep on body composition.

Specifically, I’ve been reading (in peer-reviewed journals) about how insufficient sleep can hinder fat loss or even lead to fat gain.

The earliest of these studies started with an observation of an association. In this case, researchers noticed that sleep duration has decreased over the last two decades and that a rise in obesity has paralleled the decrease in sleep duration.

Of course, this only reveals a correlation and correlation does not equal causation. So at that point, researchers began looking for mechanisms that might explain this correlation, and they wondered if they’d find a casual link between lack of sleep and gaining fat.

Indeed, they found a mechanism: even partial sleep deprivation increases plasma concentrations of ghrelin and decreases leptin.

Ghrelin is a stomach hormone that increases appetite (ghrelin goes up, appetite goes up).

Leptin is a hormone produced primarily by fat cells that signals your brain about the status of your energy stores (in fat) and energy intake (food / calories coming in). In that sense, leptin is an anti-starvation (anorexigenic) hormone (when leptin goes down, the “starvation” signal is sent, so your body starts to hold on to stored body fat in a variety of hormonal and metabolic ways)

That’s not all. Researchers have also discovered that reduced sleep can decrease physical activity-related energy expenditure. That’s not surprising. When you’re tired and fatigued from lack of sleep, you’re liable to move less in general, skip workouts or work out with less gusto.

Wait. It gets even worse.

Sleep deprivation + stress + low calorie dieting = “The MUSCLE-WASTING TRIAD OF DOOM.”

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Thank Tom!

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