Friday, October 8, 2010

P90X - Taught Yoga Core as Guest Trainer

Last night I taught for Yoga Core for about 20 students at the Yoga To Go Studio my friend Linda Jones owns and asked me to "guest teach".

She opened with stretch, and closed with stretch leaving me 30 minutes for training. Perfect.

We completed 330 core moves with 100 being the pilates 100. Timing and flow was perfect the class was very engaged and loving it. (that's a big part in yoga the correct flow for the level of the class) I got a bit nervous when I saw new people and some "seniors", but I ALWAYS show a modify move and they were doing them just fine.

I got several thank yous at the end of class and a few compliments on how I instructed things they did not know. (fitness core is very different then yoga core)

RAWK! I was in heaven......then I waited for Linda's response........

She loved it and wants me to guest train again, and as a matter of fact wants to incorporate some of my moves YAY!

Here is the workout flow I did if you want to try it:

Waist Twist - Circle Twist (straight arms in front hands locked twist side to side to warm up the obliques)
Steam Engines - standing crunches
Dolphin pushup w/ leg up or stacked leg (I did leg up)
Plank w/leg lift - in to chest and out
Cobra - childs pose
Plank w/side oblique bent knee ins
Cobra - childs pose
Superman w/arms bent under chin makes this move harder
Childs pose
Bent arm T stand Obliques reach throughs
Cobra - Downdog
Straight leg - straight arm scissor crunch (same arm same leg)
Pilates 100
Childs pose
Bent knee reverse curls
Straight leg roll ups
Forward sitting bend

Linda closed with stretching cool down and I think everyone had a good session but I won't get all the feedback till later when her students tell her. My main goal was to show more variety and levels so they can have goals to set and I feel I accomplished that.

My body stats are NO surprise I need to get out of sugar game. I can't out work a BAD diet, and sweets are my worst enemy.

AM Workout - Not complete
Lunch - Run 3-4 Miles
After Work - 20 min Zumba

Workout - Core Synergistic
Mood - Refreshed
Wt - 124
Time of workout = 40 min
Cals burned =

Friday Stats:

WT - 124
BF% 24.0
BMI 21.3

7 minute Warm up:
Neck rolls
Back wide arm stretch
Tapas stretch (sumo squat w/arms out to laterally)
High knee taps
Jog, wide, knees down, knees up
J Jacks 25
Forward bend stationary
Straight leg forward bend
Standing hamstring stretch

Stacked staggered pushups 2x5
Banana rolls 2 min
Leaning crescent lunge 24 w/3lb db
Squat run 1 min w/3lb db
Sphinx pushups 10
Bow to boat 10
Low lateral skaters w/leg lift 25
Lunge and reach 25 w/3lb db
Prison push ups 10


Ps: this is the course I took on self defense with helpful safety tips:

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  1. I think yoga is VERY tough, I rather sit in the saddle for a six hour 100 mile bike ride then do yoga x