Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plumbing Friend or Foe?

Plumbing can be your friend until it goes bad!

I mean when its working great you never give it a second thought. But when drains back up and black gunk that smells starts comming up your like......OMG!

I like my plumber Max he is a great guy, however yesterday he hit me with some VERY bad news. In 2003 I had some lateral lines replaced by our county, and I only had to pay for a video and $200 not bad. Now that area has a problem about 19' from my front door and my property is 1/4 acre long. Monday I had to pay $115 to have it snaked out and yesterday another $200 for the camera work and to snake it out again at no charge. He knocked off $50 on the camera work that the county needs to process the claim. Now its a waiting game to see what they say. In addition to that, I need the pipe under the floor of the basement replace. It does not need to be fixed immediately but in the next year, and we are talking about $2500-3000. This news did not sit very well with me yesterday, considering at the end of the month as per my goal I was going to be very excited to say I was totally debt free. Then I was going to open the account for the foundation, forget about the bathroom that needs remodeled and go for my dream.

Pray, pray pray......I ask God that the county will pay this bill so that I may start my foundation and continue to help others. I felt drained. Since I was exhausted all day, I knew I was going to go to bed early which I did at 8.30pm so that I would get in a FIERCE WORKOUT this morning!

What the heck Im on the last week of P90X!

Wrong.....I opted to crawl back in bed. Just NO motivation for a FIERCE workout. So I am going to consider this my off day, get in a run/walk at lunch and try for my Cardio X after work. Also get in my after dinner walk last night. I have chicken and yams planned for dinner tonight, yum. I'm sure "So you think you can dance" will cheer me up, I am so happy its on tonight. Just to see that skill level is amazing to me.

Got a few more pages read on my book and I am loving it. Off to get the Rockstar soon as I SNAP OUT OF IT!

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  1. Eeeps... hope the plumbing stuff gets squared away!

    And we need to chat more about your Foundation... I keep thinking about the sparkmail you sent me ages ago - it's still in the back of my brain. ;)

    That is freakin' AWESOME that you're going to be debt free! WHoo hoo!!! (I'm mad jealous. ;) but like everything, I'm taking focused, dedicated, daily action steps to make it happen as soon as possible!)