Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fried Green Tomato

Last night I did not get in my walk or my extra workout. Yep I watched 2hrs of "So you think you can dance" and it was great! The opening number with all the lighted costumes was off the charts cool! I am not sure who will go this week, I like them all. I am not sure why Ellen was on the show and I think she got more calmed down after a few of the dancers danced. They did a number on breast cancer that just brought down the house with tears. It did me too.
The hip hop was one of my favorites, OMG it was so fabulous! They even showed 2 workout dvds, anyone have these or know about them? For some reason I don't know if it was the lack of sunshine this week, or I was just tired but I struggled with energy on my motivational level. After watching those powerful dancers I was ready to ruuuuumble!
I did not do as good with diet last night as I hoped, I had 2 fried green tomato's. My family is a farming background and I grew up on that and fried squash, zucchini and okra all tasty but NOT good for you. You really have to consider that a treat.
Have you ever had fried green tomato's?
Sinfully delicious! It is NOT in the Clean Eat Diet book trust me, its just NOT! They even made a movie on this, I really liked the movie too.
Today I got up 10 minutes early I was so pumped up to workout I got in some bonus moves. Just 5 more workouts to go!
Here is my workout:
P90X Week 12 Day 2 Workout - Cardio X
Mood - Rockstar
Wt - 116.5
Cals = ?
47 Minutes total workout:
Yoga warm up - 15 minutes
Jumping jacks - 50
25 of each:
Hook upper side kicks
Kick front & Back
Ball kick knuckles Jab, cross, hooks, uppercut
3 Direction kicks
Airborn heisman
Swing kicks
Jump shots
Wide tires
Wacky jacks - 50
Squat cross X
Steam engine -50
Dreya roll - 15
Squat runs - 1 minute each side (3LB weights)
Banana to superman
Plus Bonus: 50 Jumping Jacks 10 Military Pushups
Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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