Monday, July 27, 2009

Arnold Bread, I tried it and LOVE it!

I tried this sandwich thins bread and love it!

This is my new fav bread, its soft and has so much flavor I am addicted. I can't wait to make a mushroom sandwich, or anything else on it. It was reveiwed by Sparkpeople and I tried it, and its true that its a great as they said it was.

I had low fat lunchmeat on it with mustard and just enjoyed it to pieces. Im kinda a bread junkie anway, I think I could live on it if I could afford the carbs.

My workouts this weekend were spot on, I did very well and felt energized. I have still not done the whole yoga and doubt I will but its still a very good program. Since our weather is still fabulous I will be doing my incline walk at lunch today.

Still need to be productive on the homefront, trim some trees and things like that but I have just been really loving our true summer weather pattern. Cant wait for this weeks So you think you can dance, should be another great show, its getting down to the wire.

Anyone have a favorite?

Why is this show so addictive to me? The hard workouts and you dont even see the true sweat and grind, the behind the senes and these people have to learn this lickidy split. NO way could I do that, sheesh please Im better giving instructions then getting them now that I am older. It could be that saying about old dogs and trick, blahh blahh.


45 mins yoga

45 min walk



45 min walk

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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