Friday, July 24, 2009

Are You Loosing Your Passion?

I am on Chapter 7 of my book "I Dare You" and I am very excited about it. I like that Joyce has some real insight on life in general. There are parts that really hit home and I want to do a blog when I get a bit farther on this.

One thing for sure is that she dares you to live with passion and a purpose I agree TOTALLY. I think my passion is getting zapped out of me at times so this is really hitting home.

Ever feel like your loosing your passion?

Do you have a purpose?

I say that I may be loosing my passion because I have had the same work for the last 10yrs and there is nothing that I have not conquered on my J-O-B. So I try to do the same thing day in and day out with a positive attitude and focus on my business, what I can do better with it. How I can push myself with my workouts and try new things to keep it spicy.

Helping others
Fitness & Wellness
Organinzing & planning
Coaching & training

Helping others
Foundation Ranch

Don't confuse being busy with having a purpose, I think that is one thing that many people do. As women I know our never ending to-do list keeps us on the go, but we have to decide which things to say no to. Even though your busy you may not be accomplishing very much out of your life, this is an area I am REALLY EXAMINING CLOSELY!

Last night I did get in my after dinner walk it was just before the rain. I also got back in time to see the end of 'So you think you can dance". The Katie Homes dance was very good and then the news of the Cha-cha Miami girl getting the axe did not make me happy she was one of my favorites. I think she was so much more versatile then the others and when you saw her re-cap wow......stunning lines!

Still on the last week of P90X and here is my workout:

Week 12 Day 3 P90X Chest & Back (and Ab Ripper tonight)
I did 45 Minutes
Wt - 117 (Carbs last night)
BF% 21.5 (down .03)
BMI% 20.1 (up .01)

Pushups 2x30
Military pushups 2x15
Wide fly pushup 20
Heavy pants 2x25 - 10lb
Diamond pushups 15 & 10 on knees
Lawn mowers 2x25 - 10lb
Divebombers - 0
Back flys 2x20 -10lb
2x50 Jumping jacks
2x50 Obliques bent knees
Saw, Cats stretch, Child pose

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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  1. "Don't confuse being busy with having a purpose"


    My hubby's mentor is constantly saying how we live in a time with the highest amount of technology, distraction and failure... no coincidence I'm sure.

    I've been working on developing my "Why", my greater purpose and the driving forces behind it. After going to the ISSA workshop last weekend, I've really been thinking about the type of client I want to work with, my 'niche' as it were...

    Its a new frontier for me but one that will help create amazing things in my life.