Monday, July 20, 2009

Camping In High Heels

Today is my day off from workouts! I may do some stretch when I get home from work, I love that P90X Stretch its so good for you.

I took a visit to Troy Missouri this weekend.
I went camping for a night, and NO I did not do it all in high heels I brought my hiking boots. I live in high heels and even do better at the driving range in them vs flats go figure. I think its because I am so used to being up in the air like that, I freak out when I am not lol.
Back to Troy, I found this fabulous resturant called JR's Diamond Dinner right outside there 10 miles past the town where everything is homemade and DELICIOUS! We are talking home cooking and desserts too, most places send out for that. It was a nice treat that of course put my fat grams way over. It ok, I am still focused and on track just have to enjoy a few treats now and then. I can't find any information on line about it, however its just 10 miles outside of Troy and worth the trip.
Its a nice quaint little town and there was a Darius Rucker concert going on at the county fair, can you believe it?

There was a park called Cuiver River that had these amazing steps

140 of them, what a GREAT workout!
This park also has a beach (these steps are near the beach) and boating area and lots of camping with a place for horses too. I saw some amazing horses and I really want some. It took about an hour and a half to get here from where I live but a very nice place. I actually visited and camped at a state wildlife area. It has 3 lakes and a shooting range, mostly hunters and fisherman stay there since there are NO facilities.
Our weather was perfect, in the low 50-60's and no wind or rain. Today is the last visit for my doctor on my ear surgery and then its back to a workout. I don't mind a nature workout and hiking in a park like this will sure get you one.
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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