Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Best Of The Best P90X

P90X WEEK 11 DAY 1

Chest and Back

As I go into the last 2 weeks of P90X Lean I decided to post my "BEST OF THE BEST" on the strength training workout plan in my opinion.

I would like to add, that the stretch, yoga and ab ripper are all very good as well, though I did not include them on this lower body strength training challenge. The moves with the MOST bang for the buck that entry level to advanced could do. I wrote this challenge in February for the A BETTER ME Team after pre-viewing and trying all the moves. I did not start the actual P90X program until May 1st. I did the first 2 weeks as the Regular version, then switched to the Lean version on week 3.


You will only need a hand weight of 5-10lb on this challenge and if you are advanced up to 20lbs. The goal is 25 of each move or 50 on dual leg/arm moves, that’s part of what makes this so challenging is that you do high reps. We will do 2-3 sets depending on your fitness level, so do the best that YOU can do but be mindful of your breathing and not to overdo beyond your level of fitness. Disclaimer: This like all my challenges on A Better Me team are at your own risk.



SNOW TIRE RUNS– You have 6 large wide (pretend) snow tires laid out in front of you in a side by side row of 2 sets of 3. These are wide leg jogs up and back with high knees. 6 jogs up and 6 jogs back 25 laps total

CATCH & SHOOT- This is as if you have a basket ball at your side and pretend to shoot the ball from the opposite side. So catch from the right and shoot from the left then alternate. 25 each side = 50

RUNNING LUNGES- Get in a lunge position starting with right leg, then pretend (as you keep in the position) to move your arms as fast as possible as if you are running really fast. Then switch legs. 25 each side = 50

SOLDIER MARCHES- Straight leg marches just like a soldier or the Nutcracker. 25 total


LEAP FROG PLYO – Get down on all fours and stay on your toes to look like a frog. Then jump your back legs up like you are going to leap over something but stay in place. 25 total

WACKY JACKS – This is a jumping jack, but you keep your elbows bent and your legs straight. The goal is to reach the elbow to the hip as your leg kicks out and it is done fast like a normal jack. 25 total

BENT SEATED SHOULDER FLY- Sit in a chair and bend forward as you lift the weights out like a fly towards your back (be sure your not lifting these up high working the shoulders, keep elbows more at waist and bring shoulder blades together)


HIP RAISE WITH LEG RAISE- Lay on your back with knees bent, and as you lift your glutes up lift one leg up in the air then come back to start position. Do one leg at a time then switch to other. 25 each side =50 total

LUNGE REACH W/WEIGHTS- Get in a lunge position left leg forward. As if you are picking a book off a bookshelf to the right then place it the opposite on the left on the floor. Use 5-10lb weight then switch sides. 25 each total =50

SQUAT JACKS- Get in squat position, jump up to a jack then back down to a squat. 25 total


DECLINE PUSHUPS- Use the couch, chair or ball if you have it, and place your feet there. Then do a pushup. 25 total

PRAYER SQUATS- Get in a squat position, with hands place in a prayer. Do the squat down and raise back up to start. 25 total

FLIP GRIP TWIST KICK BACKS- Use a 5-10lb weight and bend over to do a tricep kick back. As you do them then switch your grip from under hand to over hand and do another alternating back and forth. 25 each arm = 50 total.

There are some more moves that are my favorite that I can list later when the program is complete. The moves are different depending on which program you do.

My workout today:

Week 11 Day 1 and I can't believe it!

P90X Chest and Back

Mood - Sheepish (late night carbs watching the All Star Game)

Wt - 116.5

Time of workout = 45 mins

I will try to complete the Ab Ripper tonight

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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