Wednesday, July 8, 2009

P90X Week 10 Day 2

P90X Week 10 Day 2

Ok, I have 4 days to go and its looking like I may not be able to get the weigh goal. I will continue to keep diet clean, and work it like the Rockstar I am because I am on the Hot Tamale Train!

I will take pictures at the end of the month, which will be the 90 day mark. For now the goal is FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. I am pumped up!

I got in lots of running over the 4th of July hoiday and I tried to stay away from all the bad foods. I ate mostly fruit salad and I had a 1.5 lb weight gain. I played games with my sister and had a few lays chips and hershey kisses, so I am sure that was the cause. I stuck with salad and fish for my meals, and being so close to my goal date I am really feeling the crunch.

Did you do well over the holiday?

I hope so and that you had a wonderful time. I actually got back late on Monday night and its taken me this long to catch up.

Here is my workout today:
P90X Week 10 Day 2

Workout - Cardio X & Shoulders & Arms
Mood - Rockstar
Wt - 116.5
Cals = ?

50 Minutes total workout:
Yoga warm up - 15 minutes
50 minutes

25 of each:
Hook upper side kicks Kick front & Back
Ball kick knuckles Jab, cross, hooks, uppercut
3 Direction kicks
Airborn heisman
Swing kicks
Jump shots
Wide tires
Wacky jacks
Squat cross X
Steam engine -50
Dreya roll - 10
Squat runs - 1 minute each side (no weights)
Banana to superman - I only did the supermans

I also finished Shoulders and Arms:
2 sets of each
15 - 7lb Seated Shoulder Flys
15 - 7lb Crouching Cohen Curls
15 - 7lb Laying tricep extensions
15 - 7lb Straight arm later lifts
15 - 7lb Congoon Curls
15 - 7lb Side tri-raise

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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