Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Week Of P90X

I would love to have the audio of this Book by Joyce Meyers

I am on the last week of P90X finally!

I can't really believe how the time just flew by. I will post some pictures & stats once I officially graduate, however I feel like I am just a smaller version of me. On the next round I will do classic, it has more legs and I would like to challenge myself on that. Last night I got in an extra 45 minute after dinner walk and that was a struggle. I was tired from working a straight shift at work and my engery was drained.

The first thing I did when I got home was take my Nutrazon.

I finished up dinner and after the walk got in some good reading. I'm really enjoying the Joyce Meyers "I dare you book', and Im only on the third chapter.

Here is my workout today:

P90X Week 12 Day 1

P90X Lean Shoulders & Arms

P90X Ab Ripper

Mood - Ready to rumble

Wt - 116.5

Time of workout = 45 min

Cals burned = ?

2 sets each

2x15 10lb - Alt shoulder press

2x15 10lb - In & out bicep curls

2x25 7lb - 2 Arm kick back

2x15 10lb Deep swimmer press

2x15 10lb Supination curls

2x25 Chair dips bent knee

2x20 - 7lb Upright rows

2x16 - 10lb Static arm curls

2x15 - 7lb Flip grip twist back tris

Ab Ripper = 339 Moves (bonus +10 extra masons) 11 moves 25 reps = 16 minutes long

In & outs Bicycles - forward & Reverse

Crunchy frogs

Cross leg wide leg sit ups

Fifer sissors

Hip rock and raise (reverse curls w/diamond legs)

Pulse up (heals to heaven or stop the ceiling)

V-up roll up combo - very tough roll up then do a V

Oblique V-up Leg climbs (the more climbs the easier)

Mason twists

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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