Friday, July 17, 2009

Ever Botox?

This weekend I think I may be going camping and I can't wait!

I have not been in 2 yrs and our weather has been wonderful with some nights in the 60's. There is one thing that I love its building a bonfire and watching it under the stars. The place I go to is a private park, there is nothing but a outhouse there and lakes but that makes it very romantic. There are 2 lakes if you fish, but just watching the deer at night is fun they are so cute. I guess I better check out my tent and sleeping bags tonight and get them aired out, find my battery operated fan and my flashlights. I can't wait to be in nature, I love it.

Called the plumber this morning, and he should be out from 12-4pm. Thank goodness I hope he can fix it and cheep! I hope to go swing dancing tonight its been forever and I am starting to forget the moves and I do SO miss our dance instructor Sandy. Did I tell you she got botox? I had to laugh at that, her lips were so puckered up. I plan on going all natural with the aging process I hate needles! And I think once you do it and it fades, you feel like you look 2 times as old since you get used to the new improved YOU. I think most everyone is addicted to it, don't you?

Have you ever botoxed? Would you do it?

Here is my workout and stats today:
Week 11 Day 3 P90X
Lean Shoulders & Arms P90X Ab Ripper
Mood - GREAT
Wt - 116.5
BF% - 21.8
BMI% - 20.0
Time of workout = 55 Minutes
Cals burned = ?
2 sets each 2x15
10b - Alt shoulder press
2x15 10lb In & out bicep curls
2x25 7lb - 2 Arm kick back
2x15 10lb Deep swimmer press
2x15 10lb Supination curls
2x30 Chair dips bent knee
2x20 - 10lb Upright rows
2x16 - 10lb Static arm curls
2x15 - 7lb Flip grip twist back tris
349 Core = Ab Ripper
Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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  1. YAY! My browser got over hating your blog! YAY. :)

    As for the botox thing... I'm only slightly tempted because I don't like the lines around my lips (the down side of dry skin I'm afraid)... otherwise, I've been a Mary Kay devotee for a long while and, like eating well and exercise, focus on preventative rather than restorative. ;)