Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 1 mile Park Workout

Happy New Year! Fresh start, new beginnings time to make your life what you want it to be. I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed family and friends during the season. Welcome 2012!

I decided not to post all the vacation pictures (53) but you can view them here on my facebook page here


Some of the highlights that were fun and amazing:

Rode a carriage through the Christmas light display
Feed the camels
Rode a camel
Saw the movie "We bought a Zoo"
Got a mani and pedi
Ate at a Mexican restaurant that had WHEAT sopapias
Had some chocolates
Drank peppermint tea
Made our New Years dinner of crab, shrimp and salad
Great weather had 2 outdoor park workouts

My park workout for a 1 mile track:
At each bench you do a new move, walk from each bench then do the move for the first mile around.
On second mile walk to bench then sprint to next bench and so on, walk, sprint till completed mile.

1. Bench jacks
2. Bench mountain climbers
3. Bench dips
4. Bench pushups wide
5. Bench in and out crunches
6. Bench plank jacks
7. Bench diamond pushups
8. Bench burpees
9. Bench step ups
10. Bench step ups sideways Right leg then Left leg

Today's workout:
30 Day Shred level 1

Hope you had a super holiday......what is your New Years workout plan of action?

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