Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Recipe from Spark Cook Book

Yesterdays work outfit: Choker: Vintage from Mom (I miss and love you mom forever)
Jacket: Dress Barn, Shirt & Belt: Old Navy, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Boots: Nickel

Last night I made a Spark People Cook Book

Pai Thai - modified with Chicken instead of Tofu

Does it look like the picture?

I love all the veggies in this dish!

Calories - 280
Fat - 10g
Protein - 24g

All this weeks recipes are from this book, and I rate this recipe a 9. Only because I had trouble finding the Indian spices. But as I learn to cook I will learn more about these and educate myself in the right direction.
I used the noodles not the wheat pasta as suggested, I was going to use brown rice which I may have liked better since I love rice. Both would work.

Workout yesterday:
Cardio - Run 3 miles
Cals burned = 360
Please note: I have added the Daily Mile to my blog to track my running this year.

Tonight Client workout:
Heavy weights
Basic lifts