Thursday, January 12, 2012

P90X2 Recipe Review w/Pictures

Today we woke up to snow!

The plows were out full force, I drove about 45 miles per hour.

Go Modot!

At the office safe and sound this is the front view I see all day long

Yesterdays outfit:
Front - Shirt by Ann Taylor Loft, Boots Nickel, Jacket and Cropped Pants Limited

Cute back - its on correct really

Last nights dinner:

P90X2 Stuffed peppers, look like the picture?

I used lean ground beef (it called for Tempah?)
Onion and garlic
Pine nuts
Seasonings - hot pepper, basil, pepper, and Lawry's no salt

Browned onion and garlic then added beef and nuts, raisins.
Baked cut peppers with water at 350 degrees for 20 mins
Then filled with stuffing and baked another 15 mins

Rating 10!

The recipe was for a serving of 4 peppers I made 1 pepper cut in half then put the rest around the pepper. I would make this again, easy and fast with the fresh taste of nuts and raisins DELISH!

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