Friday, January 20, 2012

Tasty Bluegrass Jambalaya

4th recipe this week from the Sparks cookbook, next week it will be from the P90X2 Meal plan
Bluegrass Jambalaya Recipe #4

It was Delish!

Rating = 10
Easy and simple, one dish meal great for a cold day. Everything is pre-cooked here, the sausage and the shrimp so the full time of simmering is the longest. Start to finish about 30 minutes.

Here is the nutritional information:
Cals 386
Fat 8.8
Carbs 55
Protein 17.6

(save 180 cals by not using rice, serve as soup)

My workout fit: Top: Ann Taylor Skirt: Jacklyn Smith Quilted Boots and Belt:Payless Shoes

with choker and without not sure which I like better..........

and it is one of my favorite tops!

Last nights workout:
Workout - Circuit with Client
Time of workout - 30 min (1 hr session)
Cals burned = 198

8 minute cardio warm up
Leg sliders - try these they are tough basically sliding the legs wide and back
Standing core straight leg toe touches

2x 2 min:
TRX squats to standing plank w/back row
TRX curtsy squats round 2 single leg curtsy

Plank walks across mat round 2 - add pushup (10)
Med ball single leg squats
Med ball core twists
Med ball reg squat add overhead triceps
Med ball wood chops

Standing leg lift with round resistance band
Standing V step with round resistance band
Sandbag cleans 15lb to fatigue
Sandbag bent over rows to fatigue

Genii squat holding med ball out
Genii squat holding med ball at chest w/toe calve raises

Stability ball oblique
Stability ball w/med ball crunch holding overhead
Reverse crunch w/med ball
Bicycle crunch w/med ball at knees chest works only

Foam Roller and cool down
Back T release

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