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P90X2 ALL Workout Moves = 16 Workouts

P90X2 all workouts + 2 bonus+ 2 One on One with Tony = 16

I have previewed 14 Discs. Plus 2 more the one-on-one with Tony Horton new 4 Legs and Upper Body Balance = 16 total new workouts.

Some moves like Frog and others are in this program but some like the "Draya roll" gets a medicine ball added to it or something to make it more difficult.

1. Warm ups are the same in each (is this a copy cat of 90 Supreme?)
2. Lots of balance and Yoga style moves
3. Each warm up is about 8 minutes cool down 6 minutes = 14 out of 60 minute workout (each workout is 1hr so far)

(Uses roller) Warm up moves:
Worlds greatest stretch
Inch worm - walk down pushup with out the pushup
Scorpion - laying on stomach with one leg reaching out to the side bent up scorpion style (Yogis like Yoga down dog with a dropped over leg)
Groiners - open hip move like windshield wipers in Yoga, or dropping in one knee then the other

Tough moves are:
Warrior 3 cross crunch
Single leg walk out to sphinx
Ball moves using 2 or 4 med balls to balance on
3 Ball extravaganza

First 5 Workouts:

1. Core X2 - Lots of walk downs and stretches, planks and again Yoga core moves and using stability ball

2. Plyocide - Jumps but not as many as I thought (see 2 x Balance +Power)

3. X2 Recovery and Mobility (use the foam roller here) with stretch Yoga style moves

4. X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper - Great overall workout

5. X2 Yoga - My favorite and not as corny as the original, or as long.

6. 2X Balance + Power:

Like Plyocide moves
1 leg plyo squat reach on the stability ball
Weighted Kathryn lunges
Renegade row = tough
Crawly crab on stability ball on elbows this looked really good

7. Chest + Back + Balance

Lots of pullups
Plyo ball pushup
Pullup core = bring in knees to core doing a pullup
Level pull up = keep legs straight and out at an "L"
Impossible possible
3 Ball plyo pushup
Swimmer pushup
Chattarocker = chattarunga but doing it forward and back on the heels

8. Shoulders + Arms

This is a lot of dumbbell training nothing new just a twist
Using the stability ball
Repeats the same 6-8 moves 3 times
Short but furious
Wide flys
Flys 6 ways (lateral then fly)

9. Base + Back
Plyo w/pullups
Leg swings w/front and cross over
scapular retraction
Plyo frog squats
Chair jumps (Yoga pose)
Surfer spins
Kippy cross fugly pull up

(PAP is nero integrated stretching opposing directions)
10. P.A.P. Lower
Resistance contraction explosion and isolation
Heal walks
Fire hydrant
March skippers
Speed slalom
Lateral plyo skaters - 2-3 ft
Step up convict
Skater plyo
One leg hops
Tonys triangle

Squat cross
split squat jump
Monster slalom
Side bridge leg lift

11. P.A.P. Upper
Post activation petintiation performance

Plange pushups
Band pull apart
Renegade row
Plyo pushup
Plank on med ball
Towel pull up
Med ball pike V up
Step up hammer press
Roller angel

12. 2xAb Ripper
16 mins of killer moves
Sissor twist claps
Row your boat
Oblique row
Roll V hold
Gate bridge lift
Phelon twist
Balance bike crunch

Bonus workouts (2 must order separate) 53 mins Back, Bicep w/core
1. V Sculpt
Around the world pull up
Alt hammer curls
Band bicep curl in sawer stands
Pull up X
Med ball renegade curl = Plank on ball w/curl
Wide leg row twist
Balance db curl
Ball preacher

2. X2 Chest Shoulders + Tris (51 mins long)
Strip press up on plyo box
Tricep extension on belly front on stability ball
3 Ball extravaganza w/knee in to elbow
Callahan press - elbow together to press up
Iron man kickbacks - tricep on ball
Push up side arm balance on med ball = T stand switch
X circle fly on stablity ball
3 ball dips
Chattarocker pushup walk feet back and up to chatturanga
Strip press 1 - tricep extension on ball on back
Callahan press - touch weights together

This workout is has many more balance moves then the original P90X and adds some great challenges that you can implement without all the toys. The meal plan and workout plan is less complicated, they really simplified it.

2 more DVD One-on-One with Tony Horton

1. 4 Legs is 52 mins - 10 min warm up. This is intense!
Russian squats = single leg
Lunge to 1/2 moon
Royal dance
Seat drops - single leg sit down on bench and up
1 Leg chair
Cross hops
Single leg wall squats
Standing split reach

2. Upper Body Balance 52 mins - 10 min warm up. Coremania!
Stability ball pushup from decline position
Super V up
Row boat
4 ball push up
Oblique roll over crunch - tough!
V gate
2 ball with T stand
Straight leg scissor with claps = wow!
Boat with hands and feet open and close = abductor killer

Rating = 10

All these workouts are tough and advanced, so be careful. I also noticed that Tony sprays a sticky grip spray on his hands. You may want to get some.

My next blog on this will be how they compare to each other........
P90X vs P90X2


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