Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BAM Booty Barre workout!

The meal plan


This weeks meals are from P90X2 these are the breakfast muffins, and I had only 1. Of course my muffy pan was thin so I had extra and tried to fit it all in the pan = messy lol.

Don't think these are my favorite but they are still tasty none the less, I had the rest today for lunch after a 1 mile run. I used lean ground beef and it has brown rice, and low fat cheese and hot peppers yum!

Time from start to finish about 30 ish minutes.

Last nights workout:

Workout - Am Yoga Pm Client

Time of workout - 1hr 20 min

Cals burned = 397

Wall squats w/body bar lifts - 2 way

Walking pushups

Jumpless rope - 2 min

Band rows

Band tricep Band chest fly

Squats super - 2 min

Gate w/db lifts

Plyo jumps - 10

Ball bridge

Ball twists

This weekend was 2 things.


Booty Barre

Love the Booty Barre workout! I felt like a dancer and loooooved the music, I would love just to have the music for other workouts it was that sexy and fun.

Here is information on the 35 minute workout that I will be doing again this week. (Yeah this is a super workout and very fun the time flew by)

Hey besides a refund, I need a nice Booty don't we all?

Just sayin'

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