Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kettlebell & Band Workout

Since my injury I was only able to complete some of the workout with my client. Then I sat on my ice pack like a good little trainer.

Workout - Cardio walk inclines & Client Training
Time of workout - 30 mins + 1 hr
Cals burned = 250

Client workout (I did step ups, Triceps, kettlebells):
Ball decline pushups 2x10
Ball chest press/fly combo 2x20
Ball bridge 20

2 sets:
Kettlebell swing 12lb - 1 min
Kettlebell swing 12lb w/1 arm drop - 1 min
Kettlebell Row 20lb 2x15

Overhead tricep w/band 2x20
Circle band leg abductors 2x20
Circle band V 2x20

Squats w/band 2x25
Step ups - 2 min
Bench dips 30

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