Monday, September 27, 2010

ZUMBA Certified Lets Partay!

I'm certified to teach Zumba now!

I must admit I still have some practice to do. I plan to teach in Late October so this gives me a few weeks to "practice" with my friends and get the Zumba groove going. I love dance and this has so many different styles I can't wait.

NO I am not giving up my P90X, it will be finished the end of October and I will be back on track tomorrow. Me miss Tony, NOT! (Monday is my normal off day)

First off, no pictures my camera died *sigh. The drive in the morning was beautiful there was a lovely fog on the ground over the fields that was amazing and on the way home a tiny deer came out and said hello!

Good thing I was beat tired because I was driving really slow and she came right out about 4 feet in front of my little MINI Cooper. Adorable. Would have been some great pictures *nother sigh.

Second and third and the rest. Jani Roberts just RAWKS as a trainer, her energy is off the charts and she is my age.

The entire day was non stop fun, but also very much a huge sweat fest. I have only taken 2 Zumba classes the rest I learned on line. Plus I pirate taught my own version, but it was a FREE community class so they were NOT paying clients. (Just so any ZIN members don't have to come after me K?)

Next I got to meet several fun people, being a people person go figure. One girl taught me fun ways to cut shirts and I did one so I may be making those for fun gifts to my friends.

I put my calorie burn in at 2,000 for the day, but I am sure it was more then that. We only stopped moving for 1 hour lecture time, 30 mins lunch and 2, 10 min bathroom breaks out of the entire day = 6 FULL hours of Zumba.

I brought 2 power bar meals and 2 pre-pack apple snacks and felt great add 10 waters and good to go.

Pictures to come later of my certificate and Zumba wear!

Sunday, lets just say NO way going to workout. I could barely move with my ZUMBA HANG-OVER. Every body part hurt, in a good way but still. I even took this morning off with every intention on doing a walk or run at lunch with some push ups at the park.

So Sunday all day I spent moving my room around, from the basement to upstairs. Ok remember I said rest day? NO I did STEP aerobics all day Sunday. I am about 1/2 way done.

Why? I had to make my closet upstairs a "double" hanging rack, before I could even start. Then all the things I had in my cedar closet to my new fabulous chest had to be organized.

Yup = more stuff for charity.

All in all I had a wonderful weekend, productive and fun. I want to thank Rachel_Mac for her eggs-n-oats because without those for Saturdays breakfast I would have "crashed" early during the sessions. Thanks Rachel!

Also thank you for all of you that support me, cheer me on and make me a better person and trainer. I am humbled and honored.

Shout out to Tia Hurt another Certified Personal Fitness trainer AND my good Friend recently shared these tips which I recently wrote an article about:

Things to avoid - AT ALL COST.

1.Soda.....Yes even diet!
2. Fast Food (except Subway and Bread Co.)
3. Anything Fried
(unless it is flash fried in a pan with 1-2 TBS of EVOO)
4. Nothing with High Fructose Corn Syrup
5. Try to stay away from "WHITES" (white flour, sugar, salt, white rice)
6. Don't eat past 7:30 pm

Healthy Alternatives:

1. Water or Green Tea (If you drink a lot of soda then cut back to 1/2 of what you drink now.)
2. Pack your Lunch
3. Baked, Broiled, Grilled, Poached, or Steamed
4. All natural products and sugars
5. Stick with 100% whole grains (not whole wheat or whites)
6. If I am hungry I drink a lot of water.

Tia Hurt can be reached at or hit her spark page to read more about tips & advice.



  1. Congratulations on the Zumba certificate....I want mine as well....xx