Thursday, September 30, 2010

P90X Round 3 Shoulders and Arms

I hate DQ!

Well no I love blizzards but I hate DQ for sending me coupons yesterday, and I went for a small blizzard. Heath bar*sigh thats like a gazillion calories right?

Yoga Core class tonight....yipee! (That covers ab ripper from yesterday, right)

Needless to say I have to really rock the rest of the week out. I am feeling good and strong and love our weather. Time to take it up a notch before the holiday!

I want to thank everyone that clicked on my page badge "Blogger Awards" to vote for my blog, I am now on page 3!
(My goal is page 1)

1/2 banana
1 c skim
2 scoop vanilla protein

P90X Round 3 Lean Phase 3 Day 3

P90X Shoulders and Arms & Yoga Core Class tonight
Mood - Brrrrring it!
Wt - 123 (creeping up)
Workout time = 40 minutes
Cals burned = 90

Warm up:
50 Jacks
Run lunges
High knees / wide /narrow
Butt kicks

Alternating shoulder press 15lb db 2x12
In and out bicep curl 15lb db 2x16
Two are tricep kick back 10lb db 2x10
Deep swimmer press 15lb db 2x12
Alt one arm concentration curls 15lb db 2x12
Chair dips - 30 reg 15 straight leg


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