Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BRUTAL Circuit Workout

Today I got up super early and hit the circuit class that my favorite trainer teaches her name is Toni.

It was a BRUTAL class, she really pushes you hard and unfortunately she used double and triple step today. YIKES so I did some modifying as she knows my knees without wraps can't take that.

Still I cranked it out and did myself proud, plus she said she missed me in class isn't that special? Or she missed KILLING me in class in a sick sorta fun way.

Anyway my favorite move - Single crossed leg wall squats ROCKSTAR

Worst move - Triple step jump over squats which I only walked over the step

Workout - At the Gym 60 min Circuit
Mood - Groove thang
Wt - 122
Time of workout = 60 min
Cals burned = 389

2 sets of 1 minute intervals db 5lb & 8lb:

3 riser step over squats
2 riser step up bicep curl
3 riser toe taps fast
Planks to T-Stand w/db lift
3 riser hop over
Single leg bicep curl w/hop
3 riser mountain climbers
Plank bent arm walks
3 riser knee ins
Walking down push up with db
3 riser step ups
Single leg wall squats with db (I dropped 2nd round)
3 riser dead lift w/db row
V-sit w db bicep curls
3 riser step Tricep dips
Walk downs single leg
Plyo squats
Circle runs


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