Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nuttery Recipe and New Stuff

Jenny Mc Carthy Candies Ad (wish I looked like this)

Today I am so sore I could not workout. Well I was going to do some stretch since I am on recovery week but honestly it was hard just to get out of bed and pee.

Have you ever been that sore just sitting on the toilet hurt your hamstrings?


Ok, fear not I will do a walk/run inclines at lunch today. And a shout out to MARINEMAMA I am glad I could help you with a running tip.

Whats the tip I gave her?

She is running with kids from school so she can't have any music so I told her to take 2 Altoid mints and place one in each lower jaw line. (you can use sugar free) What this does is as you breathe in through your nose the mint from the mouth gives you blast of energy.

I have doing this since around 1985, tic tacs don't work.

Mint is a natural mood booster and it really makes you come alive, I can't explain it better then that. I am just wait to hear about her results. Trust me it works.

I discovered a new favorite NUTTERY on apples:

Mix together
1 tbs Chocolate peanut butter
1 tbs Almond butter

Slice 1 apple and spread

D-lish :-)

Here is another one from Ekerts apple farm

Next good news is I got my new Pantech phone and more importantly my NEW FABULOUS BEDROOM STORAGE chest! (Insert jump up and down with joy here)

I can't wait to organize everything and have all my clothes in ONE area, and ONE room. (not my shoes they are staying in the basement)

Shout out to my sparklers that constantly support me, I LOVE YOU ALL!

Anyway, any thoughts or apple toppings you want to share let me know its apple season and I LOVE APPLES!



  1. I love Apples as well and its not our tradition to eat apple with anything but eat the learning new things being blogger mates with the Americans....hehe

  2. Thanks Marcy!
    Oh, I love apples plain too but there are so many ways to eat them I love variety ;-)