Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi P90X...Round 3 Week 7

I have finally got back to my rotation with P90X Round 3 and am on FIRE!

However I have been doing the same body part muscle confusion rotations as the program, so I'm counting the last 3 workouts as on track.

The goal is to finish this program by the end of October and graduate for the 3rd time. [it would be sooner but I plan to incorporate the Shred with Weights Kettlebell workouts as well]

Go T.

The beginning of this week has been all about running and stamina. Its been great and I have been really sore so I know its been a big challenge for me. Loving cardio I was getting too lean and I had to switch that up to yoga instead and its really made a HUGE difference. [Mind, Body, Spirit, Stress, Core]

Do I look different, NO. Feel better, YES.

Sorry no Monster or Smoothies this week, I have been doing the new Amp Whey protein at 60 grams a serving. [this stuff leaves you full for hours] Still working on cutting the sugar down, which is a huge massive challenge for me and so its all about BALANCE from here till the end of the year.

Today's workout:
P90X Round 3 Lean Week 7 Day 2

Workout - Cardio X
Mood - Oh yeah
Wt = 122
Time of workout = 35 minutes
Cals burned = 227

Downward dog
Upward dog
Forward bend
Swan dive
Runners lunge
Warrior 1, 2 and reverse warrior

Ball kick - 2x25
Hook upper cut side kick - 2x25
Knuckles ball kick back kick - 2x25
Jab cross hook upper cut - 2x25
3 direction kicks 2x18

Repeat this series 2 times:
Airborn heisman 30 sec
Swing kicks 30 sec
Jump shots 30 sec
Snow tire 30 sec
Wacky jacks 30 seconds

Squat cross X Press 30 sec
Steam engine 100
Dreya roll 8
Squat run 1 minute
Superman banana 1 minute

Cool down
Jump rope
Low kicks
Forward bend
Downward dog calve stretch
Cat cow
Standing quad stretch


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