Friday, September 3, 2010

Food Combo You Won't Believe!

I made this creation last night and brought it in my lunch today, its SCRUMPTIOUS!

Im in love ;-)

With Yogurt and Almond butter!

Look how creamy and decadent it is!

Yes tonight I decided to be creative and I mixed 1 tbs of Trader Joe's Almond butter with roasted flaxseed with 1/2 cup of Vanilla Yogurt and the outcome was D-LISH!

I tried dipping strawberries in it, but I like it just plain OR maybe with apples and some dark chocolate shreds.... hum. How about frozen bananas with this, just get creative.

The consistency stayed nice and creamy just like regular Yogurt only it gave it the nutty and crunch of an scrumptious naughty candy ice cream something or other.

I did use a cheap yogurt with bad stuff in it but if you used a 0 Greek and a sweetener, this could be even more delightful and more healthy with higher protein and less carbs.

If you like sweet and salty this is one for you!

Ok the low down:

Serving 1/2 cup
Cals = 205
Fat = 9.5 [the good fats]
Carbs = 26
Protein = 7g

Yup, its a keeper........move over Resess Peanut Butter Cup, Hello Almond Yogurt!



  1. Yummm!! I'm going to try this tomorrow for breakfast, thanks!

  2. i make this with greek yogurt, 1 scoop protein chocholate or vanilla and 1tbs peanut butter!

  3. YUMMY! How are you girl..sorry have been super busy and not writing as often as I should! LOVE you girl! KEEP it up! XOXOX

  4. Thanks for the great idea ANA and for you my super supporters Mary and Marcy :-)