Friday, September 17, 2010

P90X Round 3 Week 7 Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Arms are still HAWT, its the Core thats NOT! P90X 5 more weeks to go so I should be seeing a change.

Todays stats just BITE!

Of course I felt as if I was making progress but the body likes to just hold on and frustrate the heck out of us. My stats are the same as they have been for the last 2 Fridays*sigh. Plus I have been running 5 days so far this week, I was hoping for more of a body fat drop.

Conclusion: Meal plan change

Yesterday I did 3 miles at 10 min mile and 10 minutes of inclines power walking. I had Core Yoga Class 1 hour last night as well. What could have killed the stats late carbs, I had raisin brand after yoga with skim. Blah blah.......body fat!

I was making my lunch and discovered a new fun taste. Almond butter & Chocolate peanut butter = D-lish. Had that with apple slices it is a refreshing change. (Both all natural of course but I did not take a picture) If you like PB cups try it.

My Workout today:
P90X Round 3 Lean Week 7 day 4

Workout - Chest, shoulders and triceps
Mood - Rrrrrumble!
Wt - 122
Time of workout = 45 min
Cals burned = 190

Stats: (Sugar killed me)
BF 24.0
BMI 20.9

3x10 slow motion pushups 3 in 1 (military, wide)
10 slow fast
15 fast
15 - 7lb In and out shoulder flys
30 chair dips - bent knee
10 - plange pushups
15 pike press pushups (head to the floor on tippy toes pushups)
X - side tri-rise - skipped this is how I tore my arm
2x8 floor flys
10 scare crows - make a Y upper movement shoulder
10 - 2 10lb db overhead tricep extensionis
2x8 two twitch pushups - I did without plate
10 - 10lb Y shape - shoulder press wide grip

12 - 7lb lying tricep extensions
7 side to side pushups
12 - 5lb pour flys
12 - 10lb seated side leaning tricep extensions
2 one arm pushups + 12 regular pushups
2x10 - 3lb weighted arm circles
12 - 7lb throw the bomb
10 clap pushups girly
10 - 7lb slo-mo throw
10 - 5lb front to back tricep extension
10 one arm balance pushup
10 - 7lb fly row press
30 - 5lb dumb bell cross body blows



  1. your arms and shoulders do look great! sounds like you are kicking butt and getting it done! as you know your core will follow!

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