Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Vacation Picture Blog

I had a great holiday weekend with my family, I hope everyone did. I just thought I would post some pictures.

My nephew Joey

His best friend Tristin

Me and Joe

Me in a cotton Field, my family used to grow cotton my mother picked it her whole life.

Cotton this is how it comes before you get it in a pair of jeans or a t-shirt and its where the song the "Bowl Weival" came from

They did some hay rides

Dog A/C is this so funny, he has his own fan to keep cool with :-)

My mom (in the gold shirt) and her brothers and sisters

It was my uncles 55th birthday (and yes I had some cake)

His really great barn I just love it!

Its back to work today. On Friday I did replenish all my workout supplements. AMP whey in chocolate, Gold Standard Whey in Vanilla Ice Cream and 4 OHYEAH bars for my trip.

Looks like I gained 1 lbs so this week I need to be SUPER CLEAN on my eating. Today I had a strawberry vanilla whey protein shake post workout.

Wednesday workout:

P90X Round 3 Lean Week 6 Day 4
Workout - P90X Kenpo
Mood - Good Morning
Wt - 124
Time of workout = I did 45 minutes
Cals burned = 411

25 of each move unless specified 1 set per leg.

Jab twists
Jab upper cuts
Jab, cross hooks, uppercut

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Step drag punch, punch
Jab, cross, switch
Hook, uppercut, switch
Knee kicks - 20 slow - 10 doubles fast
Ball kicks - 30 single doubles
Side kicks - 30

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Back kicks - 25
3 direction kicks - 24
Sword hammer - 15
Claw punch - 25

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

30 Each:
Blocks front
Blocks corner
Inward Blocks
Downward Blocks

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Star Blocks 16
High block low punch 2x25
Knee back kick 2x30
Back knuckle ball kick/back kick 2x10
Hook upper cut low side kick 2x10
Elbow series 30
Vertical punches 100
Walking combo 30

Saturdays workout:
P90X Legs and Back Week 6 Day 3
Mood - Yippeeee
Wt - 121
Time of Workout = 40 mins
Cals burned = 160

15 Balance lunge
25 - 5lb Calve raise squats
15 Reg pushups
25 Skaters
90 Sec wall squats
20 Wide pushups
15 Step back lunges
24 Alt side lunges
20 Close arm pushups
1 Min single leg wall squats - switch per 10 sec
20 - 5lb Dead lift squats

The rest of the time on vacation it was just walks or cleaning.



  1. Now that is country it!!!
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