Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Not Play'n Blasting Calories

This weekend I did rotations of workouts to match the P90X program. Tomorrow is Week 7 recovery, I RAWKED my workouts blasting 1026 calories to the CURB!

I blasted out some workouts knowing I was going to have pizza [Mountain dew too] and I really am proud of T. I had a new teacher at Yoga on Saturday and we did more moves in a faster pace and I loved it.

My favorite move - Windshield wipers (see youtube trainertfitness)

My least favorite - this hamstring stretch against a wall, sheesh.

I got in, cardio, legs and kettlebell and feel really fabulous today and will be doing a walk at lunch we have glorious weather this week.

Todays smoothie:
1/2 banana
2 scoops vanilla whey
1/2 c skim

Plus I created a new fun meal by mistake will blog on that later with pics.
Here are my NOT PLAY'N workouts.......

Sunday workout:

Workout - Legs at gym, JM w/Kettlebells, Walk
Mood - Get it girl
Wt - 122
Time of workout = 45 min + 25 kettlebell + 45 walk
Cals burned = 443

5 min elliptical warm up

Squats 60 -70lb
Laying glue press 55lb
Standing leg - 45lb
Hyperextension - 5 -10
Back extention - 40
Dead lift db - 25lb
Reverse abs machine 20

Manual stair climber - 10 min
68 flights

Afternoon workout:
Jillian Michael's Shred w/Kettlebells
I used a12lb Kettlebell - this is AGRESSIVE FOR ME.

Arm swings
Pass kettlebell at waist level - R & L
Pass Kettelbell at head level - R & L
Twist hold in front

Repeat 2 times (first R then L)
Bridge w/shoulder press & leg lift
Swings front - 20
Squat w/front row - 20

Repeat 2 times (first R then L)
Front swings w/switching arms
Lunge w/back row

Crunch holding kettlebell at core
Triangle w/over head snap press
3 way hop holding bell at chest
Laydown get up holding kettlebell
Full swings w/head between legs

After dinner 45 minute walk

Saturday workout:
Workout - Kickboxing on Elliptical & Yoga Class
Mood - I'm not play'n
Wt - 122
Time of workout = 1hr 45 min
Cals burned = 583

Straight cardio with boxing sprints levels 10-15 incline 4
Hatha 1 hour Yoga Class


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  1. great achievement in all these activities - my heart is ready to explode just reading them!

    Do you use any music for your workouts? If so what BPM?