Friday, October 30, 2009

Jackie Chan Tea

Jackie Chan is now in the Tea business, and I tried this. Seems everyone has some product now. I thought it was very strong, so I would use only half the packet if I were to use it in a 20 oz water.

It has 8x the antioxidants and I don't know that much about green tea but I think that is very good.
Here is his link if you want more information.

I wanted to make this blog about momentum going into my 3rd week of Round 2, so bear with me this is kinda long but worth the read. It's actually on business, but could be related to anything/fitness so I made some comments.

By Marty Zwilling

Too many people confuse motion with momentum. We all know someone who repeatedly tells us how “busy” they are, when it’s hard to see what they get done. Momentum is moving things forward (mass x velocity). Founders or employees in constant motion, but with no momentum, will kill any startup. (or a fitness/diet plan)

It is true that motion in any direction is often better than no motion at all. But motion without momentum is even less productive than no motion at all. For a more thorough discussion of this phenomenon, see a recent book entitled “Fake Work: Why People Are Working Harder than Ever but Accomplishing Less”, by Brent Petersen and Gaylan Neilson.

So how do you fight this, and get real momentum going in your startup? Here are some key recommendations:

Measure results, not work. (all the numbers, not JUST the SCALE) Build your business (fitness) plan and day-to-day operations around real results that are quantifiable and measurable. For example, a result is not forty hours of work, but a prototype complete, partner contract signed, or first customer sale. (hours of working out, actual results from doing them effective)

Focus and prioritize. There will always be more things to do than anyone has hours in a day. Focus means act instead of react, act on the important things. Don’t allow yourself to be interrupted by “urgent” issues of the moment, which may not be important. (thats why I work out in the morning)

Live the 80/20 rule. Pick the 20% of your important tasks that will deliver 80% of the results. Judiciously apply the 20% of your energy where it will achieve 80% of the momentum you desire. Maintain that balance of work, family, sleep, and unwind. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Same thing with your support group, stick with the 20% that are going to be on your side)

Communicate effectively. People can’t do the job you want unless you communicate effectively. So they scurry around trying to look busy, or work on random things that they hope might generate momentum. Tell people what results you expect, tell them how they measure up so far, and tell them how much you appreciate their efforts. (if you work with a trainer, tell them your issues so you can get them resolved...or if your doing it on your own put the truth into your food/workout journal...communicate with it)

Recognize the finish line. Don’t burn yourself and everyone out, by continuing a forced march after you pass the finish line, or even a major milestone. Gather your thoughts and savor the small successes along the way. (Life is a gift take time to enjoy what you have done and then plan for your next goal. So often we just beat ourself up for not doing something every day)

Here is my workout today and stats this week:

P90X Round 2 Classic Week 2 Day 6

Workout - P90X Kenpo
Mood - Rain again!
Wt - 114
Time of workout = I did 20 minutes
Cals burned = ?

Friday Stats:
Wt 114
BF% 22.6
BMI 19.6

25 of each move unless specified 1 set per leg.

Jab twists
Jab upper cuts
Jab, cross hooks, uppercut

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Step drag punch, punch
Jab, cross, switch
Hook, uppercut, switch
Knee kicks - 20 slow - 10 doubles fast
Ball kicks - 30 single doubles
Side kicks - 30

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Back kicks - 25
3 direction kicks - 24
Sword hammer - 15
Claw punch - 25

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

30 Each:
Blocks front
Blocks corner
Inward Blocks
Downward Blocks

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Star Blocks 16
High block low punch 2x25
Knee back kick 2x30
Back knuckle ball kick/back kick 2x10
Hook upper cut low side kick 2x10
Elbow series 30
Vertical punches 100
Walking combo 30

Getting the Rockstar Body..........

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