Monday, October 12, 2009

Computer Nightmares!

I have nothing to say today except have you ever had a day where you know its not you....its your computer?

Like this........

1. type some very long message or blog and BAM it disappears?

Been there! Now I do a copy and paste "just incase" the computer Gods are messing with me. Ok its my plan B.

2. think things are good and BAM virus?

I had one of those trojans, its a nighmare who wants one anyway, who thinks up these names? I mean trojan condoms are good, virus named trojans BAD, VERY BAD!

3. you go to turn on your computer and its all scrambled or won't come up!

Please......teach me IT! I need it bad.....grrrr

4. your trying to design a website and everything goes bizzerk and should NEVER take as long as it does to do one simple thing?

I am starting to think I hate Godaddy when really its a good thing, its my wi-fi switching itself from broad band to national access. National Access GO AWAY and why, just why??? Is that my providers fault should I be after Verizon?

5. try your hardest to get wordpress to "be freindly" to you when its the complete OPPOSITE of blogger?

I know this is not really related that its just a learning curve but still!

6. every have so many sites, links and passwords your just confused?

I mean even my computer can't keep track of them all! I have a spread sheet but still, its just a nightmare. You can't have the same for all of them because what about hackers?

Yep, they are the people waaaay smarter then me with too much time on thier hands. Sure don't want them getting the info and turning my computer world into a worse nightmare then I already have!

Im over it and if you have any ideas on how to stay better organized or hints please pass them along. I mean I think of myself as "pretty smart" and all, but these nightmares just keep me frustrated as all get out.

Could it just be T?

Is my computer after me or what?

Teaching 6.30 kickboxing class tonight and T. is going to rock down the house!

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