Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Many Sizes Are In Your Closet?

How many sizes are in your closet?

I'm just wondering if you keep your "skinny" clothes and your "fat" clothes or all sizes in between?

Sure the retail store love us women because we are always having to have many sizes and since the designers won't stick with one size chart it gets even more complicated doesn't it?

Also, we have some things we only wear on occasions and then the season changes. Gets crazy huh? Consultants say that if you have not worn something in 2 years it needs to go. Unless its a special event item, like gowns (ok I have only 1 and its "stretchy velvet" so skinny or fat it fits)

I try to go through my closet 2 times a year and rid myself of anything that I can part with for charity. I can honestly say I am getting better at shopping smart and my loads are much smaller, which is a good thing for the wealth building fund $.

Now I just add a piece or 2 or an accessory to update the look and not a new outfit, boy times have changed since I hit 40!

Anyway is it just me or does everyone keep more then 1 size in your closet? I do!

I have 3 sizes 2's, 4's and 6's in pants and 6 & 8 in Jackets.

My "fat" clothes are 6's and I have had them taken in, they are my work clothes. Yes another thing retailers love, we have 2 wardrobes work and fun. Ok, so I don't like anything too clingy at the office because I have to walk through a warehouse full of men. That only look forward to "skirt" season!

One thing that annoys me is that I'm only able to shop at a few places because of how I am built that I know will fit me. The Limited, Express and Ann Taylor Loft.

Its not even that my shoes are the same size how crazy is that? I have 3 of them as well 6, 61/2 and 7's! Shoes, really!

I'm just wondering, how many sizes are in your closet?

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

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