Tuesday, October 20, 2009

P90X Classic Round 2 Day 3

P90X Classic Day 3

Here is my workout today:
Workout = P90X Shoulders & Arms
Mood - Sore
Wt - 114.5
Time of workout = 40 min
Cals burned = ?

Movement - Wt - Reps
Shoulder press - 10lb - 10 - 10
Alt bic - 10lb - 15-12
Two arm kickbacks - 10lb - 10 -10

Deep swimmers - 10lb - 8-10
Concentration curls - 10lb - 8 - 10
Chair dips (bent knee) 30 - 35

Last nights class, I taught 30-20-10 with 3lb db (water bottles).
I had 12 in class thats 2 more then last weeks, Oh yeah! And got good reviews, next week I am teaching circuit. I just really enjoy the challenge of group circut it gets everyone PUMPED UP! Time of class = 40 minutes total, I went over 10 mins but no one seemed to mind if we continued. I am guessing about 120 cal burn to the curb!

If you have NEVER done compounds I highly reccomend them. You burn 2 times the cals and work multi muscle groups for a short super effective workout that GETS RESULTS!
Even if you use a lighter weight, just keep it controled and FOCUS on the movement and you will see a major change in your body. Don't ever just go through the motions, its a waste of time and you will not get to your goals that way.

We did ST compounds:
Lateral lunge w/bicep curl to shoulder press
Plie squat w/db holds
Calf raise w/hammer curls
Wall sits w/front raises

Back row w/lunge
Tri w/lunge
Fly w/chest press

Crunches - bent knee - 25
Bridges - 25
Bent knee pendulum (beginners)- 25
Swimmers (25 second count)- 25
Laying back extensions - 25

Getting The Rockstar Body.......

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