Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fitness Gadgets, Do You Have Any?

This is a gravity treadmill, how crazy does this seem? The CI2009 fitness convention is this weekend, and believe me I will see all the latest and greatest fitness trends and gadgets.

Have you ever been sucked into an info commercial, and bought?

I have always been a fan of gadgets that work, if they improve something I'm ALL IN! Not just in fitness but whatever helps our busy lives be more productive or get things done a better way.

Are you a fan of fitness gadgets? Do you have any? Do you have any that work?

I am a HUGE fan! And I have found some to work and others not so much. Is it the fact that you have to use it correct or often to get the result? Or just that it doesn't work, or doesn't work for you?

In all my years there has only been 1 item that I returned and it was a cardio bike that you pull the handles towards you, it was a DUD! I think it was called cardio glider? Sometimes those info commercials make everything look GREAT don't they?

For a while there I think my UPS man was thinking, this girl is a shopping queen and I'm starting to hate her! He had to drag those boxes 1/4 mile up my driveway....think of the workout I was giving him lol.

Some gadgets T. is a fan of and know they WORK:
Jack La Lane Juicer - info commercial (just beware I started making muffins everyday!)
Mini trampoline - info commercial
Body wedge (old foam version) - info commercial
Kettle bell
Balls - Weighted, Bosu, Plastic

Are there any gadgets you would like to have?

T's gadget wish list:
Body bug
Polar HR
Pull up bar
Yoga block

If you have a gadget that works, and you love it please let me know. Oh, my stats are the same again today 113.5 hummm.....

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

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