Monday, May 9, 2011

Stripped Diet Day 28 Last Day

I never get time to load pictures during the week, so here are some of my meals I loaded over the weekend.

Today is the last day of this 28 day Stripped challenge. I will give all my thoughts in the next blog and my results.

Up next = Oxygen 28 day challenge

This is how I start the day drink, right out of bed (thanks Rachel Mac)
It rids toxins and makes you really clean out your system if you know what I mean

Lemon and pepper I call Fire water!

Drink it fast because it doesn't taste pleasant!

How to make my Green Monsters (see side bar for recipes just click the icon) after my morning workout. Lots of people have asked me about these, and you DONT taste the fresh spinach really. I like banana, strawberry, pineapple, peach, and mango in mine. I don't care for the blueberries with the spinach but to each person they have a flavor they like.

It just depends how lazy I am and since its good to have the extra carbs in the morning naners are good for that. (I would not do chocolate whey uck!)

Water 1 cup Spinach 1 cup

My mini blender has measure on it

2 scoops whey

1 tsp olive oil for good fat

Banana or fruit of choice - sometimes I do 1/2 sometimes whole naner

Close the lid down or mash it

Mix it all up good till the fresh spinach is small

Drink it all up like Popeye, Yum! This one does not look very green bc I did not have on my over head light but they are Delish

Now on to the food!

Bison topped with relish and mushrooms

Tuna and farm eggs with relish only, you won't miss the condiments really! Topped with sunflower seeds

I made this with 2 eggs, and it was too much for lunch but fine for dinner

Strawberries, cashews and a sprinkle of fresh coconut - I have a whole bag so I thought what the heck = Delish! Vacation without leaving home :-)

Salmon is so good for you I have been eating it 2 days a week

Salmon topped with bell peppers, mushrooms and spinach


Now on to my garden - for my sparklers that love these my poppies and azaleas

This is an azelea white with a shrub I dont know that I just somehow planted together and they like where they are. The pink flowers smell nice, if you know plants please let me know what that one is

Usually beat down by the spring rain this year I got a few and they are amazing and feel like soft skin when you touch the petals. Hard to grow, lovely to see...........

My workouts:
Saturday - 1 hour Yoga Class
Sunday - Hauling boxes and plants at the church I re-decorated
Monday - Off day (and my back needs it!)

Have a great week!


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