Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rachel Mac Quest Workout Day 3

I have made it 3 days and I am so sore! In a good way of course.
Sadly I had to drop down on a few of the moves from 15lb to 8lb on the last lift but still felt the burn.

Im going to use the pics from the last challenge for the start for this challenge.
Sticking with my spinach, and fruit in blender right after my workout, then when at the office eating my quest bar.

My morning meals look like this:
6.30 - 7.10 workout
7.15 Drink spinach/fruit drink w/out protein
8am Quest bar
10 am Oats

Workout - Rachel Mac Quest Workout - Day 3 Shoulders and Abs
Time of workout - 25 mins
Cals burned = 75


•Overhead dumbbell press: 15lb db 12x3 (last rep 8lb db)
•Lateral raise: 15lb db 12x3 (last rep 8lb)
•Rear dumbbell raise: 15lb db 12x2
•Standing upright rows: 15lb 12x3 3

(pick 3-5 exercises)

•Ab crunch machine - Used TRX 2x20
•Bicycle crunches - Used TRX 2x20
•Flat bench lying leg raise 2x25
•Plank - Done while doing TRX moves


Full Rachel Mac workout here:

FREE Quest bars here

ps, I am NOT getting any thing from Quest I just love the bars

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  1. I am always impressed on how healthy you eat. That is the part I struggle with. Good luck with the Quest Workout!