Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rachel Mac Workout Week 2 - Back and Bicep

Here is last weeks last workout when blogger was down, sorry.

I just ordered this swimsuit to motivate me to look like this by my mini vacation the end of June.

It's so cute :-) should make my chest look bigger too......

Like it for me?

I passed my CPR/AED test last night, so my certification is now up to date again. I also heard from the Yoga Studio owner, and I am on hold till he gets the logistics all taken care of. However I will be doing another Foam Roller Workshop there on June 5th....woo woo!

OMG.......Legs! I had to modify some of these moves since I was not at the gym but this workout is very home friendly.

I can't go that deep in lunges or squats due to my knees but I did do the lunges alternating front to back which really helped. First set front, second set back, third set front.

After today I will just list the workout Day number and body part, since this completes the 4 day workout.

Workout - Rachel Mac Quest Workout Legs Day 4
Time of workout = 25 min
Cals = 75

Note from Rachel (I do my cardio at lunch)
"Every other day, you should do cardio after you strength train, but on legs day it’s a good idea to get some light warm-up cardio out of the way because your legs will be trashed by the time you’re done!"

Warm up -
2 min Jacks
Run lunges
High knees
Butt kicks

Rachel Mac Workout Day 4 - Legs

•Squats: 12x 3 (butt touching bench)
Held a dumbbell sideways between your hands at chest level - 10lb db
•Weighted Lunges: 3 x12 15lb db (forward once backward twice)
•Sumo squats 3x12 w/15lb db
•Skaters 2x25
•Stiff-legged dead lift: 3x12 15lb db
•Glute bridges: 3x10
•Calf lifts 2x15 w/15lb db

Note from Rachel "It’s a good idea to track your strength training so you can make sure you’re pushing yourself; even if you just keep a notebook and write down the weights you use, that’ll help keep you on track and keep pushing yourself harder each week (Ed note: Gym Buddy is an awesome iPhone to track workouts)."


I'm on week 2 of Rachel Macs 4 Day workout, and love it! I try to get up earlier to warm up and get in a 3rd set but it did not happen. Zap!

Shazam I cranked out a great workout regardless of the time, and my arms are feeling it. My back would be better with tighter bands even though I bound them from the ceiling and crossed them, so I will order a new one.

What's going on in T's world?

I got to sub Yoga Class last night!!!

It was last minute and I think I did pretty good considering I did not even have time to write up a routine. Some moves I added that I like, to add my own "flavor" since I love using pilates balls were:

Chair w/ball near knees hold for 1 min then to forward bend and repeat
Goddess w/ball at chest working upper and lower hold for 1 min
Goddess on tip toes w/ball at chest hold for 30 sec
Sitting forward bend with ball at feet
Childs pose with ball in front stretching arms out as you roll the ball away from you

I did lots of vynyasas, forward bend step back to downdog, to chaturanga and back to downdog to forward bend.
Warrior 1 and reverse warrior
Low lunge to crescent

Tree (you have to do tree right?)

10 - (5 each side) 1 arm on pilates ball modified pushup
20 Dolphin pushups
10 - Bent knee slow push ups

Moves I did NOT do:

Ok, here is my workout this morning:

Workout - Rachel Mac Back and Bicep
Time of workout = 25 min + 5 min warm up
Cals burned = 75

Rachel Mac 4 Day workout (Week 2)

Warm up:
Arm circles arm chest openers
Overhead arms
Jacks and T Jacks

Lat pull downs (with band) - 15lb db 2x15
Rows seated - 15lb db 2x15
Bent over rows - 15lb 1x15 set 2 25lb 1x15

Back extentions - on the ball 2x15
Super mans - 2x30 sec

Alternating bicep curl - 15lb 2x15
Bar bell curl (used my body bars) - 15lb 2x20
Hammer curl - 15lb 2x15


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