Friday, June 18, 2010

Whats In Your Pantry Thats Killing YOU?

Here are the pictures of the freezer and pantry as promised. [see my earlier blog for my fridge pics]

Remember that this is the "Barbie house", its very small and as you can see some things are NOT clean eats. (I am a work in progress and Barbie house = 580 sq ft)

I shop on Sunday and prep food for the week. I am NOT supposed to do bananas (carbs via my trainer) but I find them easy so I use them. Hence why my body is not where it should be, am I hard headed? I normally buy Smart Balance PB but if Skippy is on sale I get it, or Dierbergs home brand but I hate stirring it.

I am trying to have more sweet potatoes, but in the summer I don't care for hot foods as much. I even have a few good versions, like with honey and walnuts but still.

Freezer, yes ice cream sandwiches are in there. Also that is the perdue chicken that I love, comes packed individually with no hormones.

Pantry top shelf

Pantry bottom shelf, Kashi was not on sale and I do have 2 sweet potatoes to make into something this weekend.

I only buy food for the week, each week at a time to keep on budget. As most of you know I have the "Trainer T. Foundation" and all my savings goes for that to fight obesity in kids. (also once you get out of the "habit" of buying pre-packed stuff its not that much more expensive [sometimes less] to buy natural and make it yourself if you buy on sale)

On another note, here is Friday stats:
Wt = 119
BF% = 23.5
BMI = 20.5

I got in walks 2 times this week, which I was more then glad about. I can't wait for Tuesday maybe I get the ok for workouts again.

Did you know that only 20% of diet packed frozen foods have to have under 300 calories? That means Healthy Choice, Lean anything can have over 500 calories per serving and gobs of fat and STILL BE LABELED DIET!

You can not believe the FDA on this kind of thing, what they let go through for manufactures. Please be warned:

No HFCS or HO this stuff will hurt you, and has been BANNED in other countries!!! It is killing people making them obese, don't fall for this.

Try to get protein and fiber at each meal, it will keep you full longer. Carbs are not BAD for you, you need them for energy but you also need to watch the bad fats. Take care of your body now, you will thank yourself later!

So whats in your pantry and fridge? Would losing it with Jillian Michaels be proud of you?


  1. Not much in that barbie house hey!!!

  2. Nope, but it keeps me on budget that way :-)