Friday, June 11, 2010

I Want My Sexy Baaaack!

I'm not feeling very sexy right now, as a matter of fact I am sick of being sick!

Thank you all for prayers and well wishes, I am grateful.

It's day 4 of recovery from my evasive ear surgery, and I want to thank Jessica [fitgirl] for reminding me that it will get better.

Still in my pj's and not doing much of anything because the pressure, balance and head ringing is just not motivating at all. NOT ONE BIT!

Did you ever hear someone mow grass 24/7 that is my head right now, and really its a bit crazy. I keep running around saying do you hear that? Please, its nothing but inside my head...Ugh!

Maybe I need to do Jessica's NEW Zumba video?

If you have not seen it, here it is I'm a fan.

I ended up taking 2 pain pills yesterday and hope for the same today. My ear seems to be itchy, deep down and its bleeding still just a bit. The cut and lobe is still very tender to the touch. My neck is still really bruised too. [I'm just way to scruffy to take a picture of right now, it would frighten Frankenstein!]

Only sleeping on my left side, so not much sleep either. Can you get sleepy from being sick?

All I know is that I don't sit still very well and I just want to feel healthy and sexy again. Oh and even though the food thing taste weird, I am still eating but nothing is the even the same texture...if that makes any sense?

Blah blah, no workouts, not being productive.....its just SO NOT T.!


  1. You will be feleling like your old self in no time. Surgery is a major thing, let it heal and you will be back to doing what you love, it will be shorter then you think.

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling well T! Hope you are back to yourself real soon!


  4. Thanks so much everyone!

    Big Daddy - Awww thanks for that reminder, I am healing just impatient lol....

    Ana - I may be getting certified soon, I have done it and taught it free lance.
    Are you certified?