Friday, June 25, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 My Personal Trainer

Photo Andy Newson

Anyone get it yet? Let me know your thoughts......

If you have an iPhone will you upgrade?

If you do have the new Apple iPhone, not only can you get great workouts but you can do video cam with YOUR trainer if they have the same phone. (see how they get you?) But how cool would it be to have anyone LIVE in the palm of your hand at anytime?

This can truely change online fitness personal training AGAIN. Now you have a website, phone and text with your trainer. But adding live cam can really help reach your client one-on-one.

Keeping your client in good form and motivation, I would be so happy to have this feature of face to face.

As for the weekend, Im thinking camping. Last night was so wonderful out that I really just wanted to be sleeping outside and having a good fire to look at. I think that tonight will be just as lovely.

I had so many problems with my laptop this morning I did not get my workout in. For some reason my computer would not read the disk and it kept trying to open with the wrong program. Ugh.

Im counting today as my off day, and walking at lunch.



  1. I saw one blogger Katie bought one, but other than that have no idea, I love my Blackberry and have no desire for an iphone...

  2. Marcy - I know what you mean if you like what you have and its working why change!