Monday, June 21, 2010

Staycation Weekend Picture Blog

I had a really great weekend, our weather was fabulous. Hot and breezy not even humid. I decided to be tourist in my own town, and go on the "cheap" but doing things that were free.

Here is a little picture blog on our mini Staycation, enjoy.........

Started the day with eggs and oats, yum!

Hydrated and headed to the park

Castlewood, my favorite

Hit the river

The water was ice cold!

Then off to the Transportation Museum, woo woo

This was a tug boat

Then it was off to the Laumeier Sculpture Park, they have lots of outdoor sculpures, it is a wonderful park.

This was a really great cat mirror sculpture, it was made of tiny mozaic tiles.

It was a nice weekend, finished it up Sunday going to church and having lunch at Ravanelli's.

This place is in Granite City Illinois they are known for "broasted chicken" which is like steamed and it was d-lish. Plus deserts, that are so big you could feed 4 off one! (Pictures next time when I save room for one)

Ps, here is the link to the Eggs-n-Oats

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  1. It looks like you had a very fun day!! I love the pics.

    I laughed at the soaking in the cold river. I have done that a ton of times to get the blood flowing back in my legs at the end of a hard run or bike ride.