Monday, June 14, 2010

INSANITY Shaun T. Miss Me?

I am already missing working out so bad, and its only been 1 week.

I wonder if Shaun T. is missing me sitting next to the computer waiting to be loaded in? Let's hope he does, because I was just getting a good relationship going on with him before my ear surgery set back. So I wait for doctor approval on June 22nd.

Not working out......How do people do it?

Really....I just don't feel very energized or like myself without a good morning workout. It just sets the tone for the whole day. Like being grateful in the morning for the day.....then being physical, its just NOT the same and I don't like it. There I said it.

Don't get me wrong, I am really not a workout "fanatic". I am just a trainer that loves challenging myself and others by doing something everyday to take care of myself for me.

Could I be a fanatic?

YES! I love the feeling but I also am very balanced, I really feel that you need all zones of your life to be in balance or something is NOT getting the attention it needs.

So if you spend hours working out what is your purpose?

How are your other relationships? (If you competing I am not talking about that, which is a goal or an achievement. Your going to sacrifice for that, and your family, friends, career and body all understand this is a temporary state.)

But if you choose to become that working out is all that you do, and your not including your relationships in this unbalance, something is going to snap. You have to decide what it is that you want from health and fitness, then set the plan in action such as how this makes your life better or more fulfilled.

Just like a workaholic, you don't get TIME back.

You can't be close to your family if your never involved with them, relationships are work, and they need certain things to survive. So I encourage you if you are addicted to fitness, then get your family and friends involved too and share LIFE along with your health and fitness.

I never am shocked when I see a wife or spouse lose a bunch of weight, start working out and getting fit doing all the right things (go back to school, change jobs) and then get told that they are getting divorced or separated.

When push comes to shove people change. SAD.

Darren Hardy (Success Mag) had put out a great course that I did on a 10 year plan and part of that was a balance wheel.

On that wheel was several things, and after the test I saw I was a bit low on finance as my area of weakness. (I have stopped buying shoes since then k?) So I am working on improving that by controlling spending and investing better (but the stock change I made did not do very well, ugh)

Here are the categories:

So just ask yourself, are you balanced in all areas?

If not, now is the time to re-balance and make the changes that will give you the life that you want.

TIME waits for no one.


Here is an outdoor challenge:

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  1. Its almost a lose/lose situtation, a scenario I have seen is that one person in a relationship decides to get fit and live healthy and the other doesnt want to change. Then the other person start to become a distractor to the new lifestyle someone wants to live, leacing them with no support and eventually ends up going seperate ways.