Thursday, June 3, 2010

Insanity Day 3 Recovery

Is this really recovery? Because I would call it power yoga. Some of the moves are moves that are very similar to P90X and for those of you wondering, I have a blog planned for that.


I'm only on day 3 so far so its too soon to tell but I would use Insanity as a cardio, stamina body weight strength training and P90X for Strength and resistance training.

Insanity so far works on SPEED, each round gets FASTER. Where P90X is form, CONTROLLED, agility, and PURE strength. So in regards to that aspect depending on the type of workout trainer you like that makes a huge difference. Tony is more low keyed, funny and Shaun T. is more motivating and energetic.


Personally I can see why INSANITY has more girls and P90X more men, that's who I see more desired for the workouts. Usually women love cardio and speed, men are more methodical. NOT that you could not do either program, I'm just saying what I see about them.

As I get farther into this, I can say more about it but so far INSANITY gets a MAJOR warning on the knees, with P90X only the Plyo is grueling on them.

On a good note I got my Casein (chocolate flavored to cure my sweet tooth at night) yesterday and last night started using that (thanks Ruben). Lets see how this goes, oh and a fresh supply of whey in Vanilla ice cream flavored. I like that for cooking pancakes, eggs and with soy milk and berries. (I did wake up feeling good and not starving)

That's why you have not been seeing my recovery smoothies. (in case you have missed them) I have only been drinking 1 scoop peanut butter Muscle milk with 1 cup soy, kinda boring you know but tasty just the same.

Plus my good friend JJ sent me some Beach body samples, love her to pieces and if you want to know more about it here is her spark link. She really cares and is a wealth of nutritional knowledge! (I am not being compensated to endorse her or beach body products)

Stop by and check her out, I know she can help you out with any questions you may have. Love her!

Insanity Week 1 Day 3
Time = 45 mins
Cals = 97 [counting as yoga]

Flat back to lunge contractions
Cresent lunge w/contractions
T-stand bent knee

Standing back roll
Plank contractions
Plank w/knee into chest
Push ups 4 count slow
Childs pose to downward dog
Lunge to hip flexor to straight leg stretch

Lunge to butt lifts - back straight leg lifts
Cresent twist to low triangle
Lunge to butt lifts - back straight leg lifts
Runners lunge to cresent twist to low triangle
High plank
1 arm T stand to push ups 2x4x8x8
Childs pose

Low plank knee to elbow 4x8
Plia squat w/oblique twist and T stand
Plia w/1 toe lifted 8x16x16x
Knee to elbow standing oblique
The hammer - Straight leg lifts alternating




  1. I have done both seperatly and now together as a hybrid program, I think Insanity is harder by a land slide. Its intense and I still cant keep up 100%. I see the purpose for both, I feel the hybrid gives the best results, in my personal opinion. Also diet is the real key, with the hybrid program and triathlon training, I am ALWAYS hungry, I just have to make sure I am eating the right foods.

    I like your blog, glad I found it

  2. Am exhausted after reading all of this!!

    How read your updates in my feedreader but don't always comment...but today decided its time to pop in and say hello to my fitness friend.

  3. Big Daddy - Thanks for joining me, I know a few that are doing combos. I have to survive this one first, lol before I try to...thanks for the support!

    Marcelle - Great to see you on my blog sweetie! Thanks for keeping up with me and saying hello! It is a tough workout, but I have to do it I can't let this guy win lol...
    ((hugs)) my friend.

  4. Thank you so much for your endorsement Trainer T.. I can be found on sparkpeople as Bodynsoil1 or on Blogspot at of course you can go to my personal site at as well..

    Thank you again for updating us all to your progress through this program and best of luck today as well..