Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trainer T's Recovery

I made it through the ear surgery and I am at home recovering. I can't really type right now so I have some pictures to share.

Me home yaaaaa !!!

Taking meds and sleeping a bunch

They gave me these paw socks, in purple cute huh?

It was about an hour long surgery and an hour recovery. Went in at 7am, surgery at 8.30am and home by 12pm. I have a cut behind my ear and I feel sore there and my head is ringing which is normal they say. I get to take off the bandage this afternoon and see the cut/scar where he grafted skin to fix the ear drum. [I slept all day yesterday]

One good thing was now they have these deflatable hospital gowns that are heated by a hair dryer instead of warm blankets. I looked like a big purple and white puff ball, and wished I had my camera...I know, I am a true blogger huh?

Have you ever seen these?

It's by and a great idea since you can make it as warm as you want. Of course I picked Bahama warm!

Thank you all for the prayers, and keep them coming for the regain of my balance and NO more head ringing. I am off work the rest of the week to recovery and go back to work on Monday.

By the way, this is a link sent to me on colon cleansing I thought you might like to see I really like this guy. (bonus he is HAWT)

I'm not sure when I will get to do Insanity again, maybe on Monday or that's the plan that way I only missed 1 week. I'm sure Shaun T. is missing me lol...



  1. So sorry to see you so poorly...hope you recovery quickly.
    Is it cold there that you need all the warm gear??

  2. Here's to a speedy recovery! The bear socks make surgery more "bear"able eh? Sorry, kinda corny. Best wishes!

  3. Hope you recover look so like a little girl sleeping in the bed with your ear bandaid! Awwwwww.....

    Hugs and Kisses to you is to a speedy recovery!

  4. Thank you all so very much! I don't do very well not being active, but I am doing what I can to heal because that will matter in the long run.

    Again, thanks for the well wishes ((hugs))