Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend River Picture Blog

Went to the river this weekend and had another wonderful time perpetrating a tan (burn) are some pictures

Getting some sun and as you can see, my body fat is still hovering at the 23% area since I have not got in my workouts the last 3 weeks.

Looking for pretty rocks and skimming flat ones, I can't really skim them but I do try.

I wear beach shoes, but lots of people wear flip flops they may look better but these work great on the rocks and in the water.....dork I know! They actually match my swim shorts but I thought I would be brave and get some swim suit REALITY CHECK pictures to keep my motivation going in the RIGHT direction.

The garden finally has some red tomatoes, the goal is to make fresh salsa and put that over chicken so if anyone has a super recipe let me know.

It won't be long and the garden will be full of things to eat... yum! Squash and cucumbers are what I am really looking forward to.

Did my day 2 of Insanity, and basically had a relaxing weekend..just wanted to share some new pictures so hopefully when I am done with Insanity I will look much better.

Insanity Week 2 Day 2
Pure Cardio
Time = 45 min
Cals burned = 281

Friday Stats:
WT = 119
BF% 23.7
BMI 20.4

Complete 3 times:
J jacks
Heisman x3
Butt kicks
High knees
Mummy kicks

Flat back to lunge contractions
Cresent lunge w/contractions
T-stand bent knee

Lunge to butt lifts - back straight leg lifts
Cresent twist to low triangle
Lunge to butt lifts - back straight leg lifts
Runners lunge to crecent twist to low triangle

All are 1 minute each:
Switch kicks - I did not jump
Wide foot ball sprints
Stance jacks
Pedal - sprint to lunges
Hook 8 jump rope 4
Power jacks

Level 2 drills all are 1 minute:
8 push ups 8 runs
Frog jumps
Power knee - bring knee to chest singles each side
Mountain climbers standing
Ski down
Scissor runs
Suicide jump
Push up jacks - 15


HS reunion 6 weeks to go. I have to get busy-er!!!

Also my ear drops have been having my ear drain ewe bloody, which means it is working but its itching like crazy! I feel like one of those dogs just scratching an itch I can't reach lol.....good news is the scar looks better.


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  1. Where is your bikini hiding that body in that costume...

    When we 50 we can wear a full piece, but for now its a bikini...LOL

    Yes I do get your comments...thanks...very much.