Monday, January 18, 2010

Marathon Training Day 1, P90X Day 58

I started practicing for a marathon over the weekend, I just did not get in the full amount I wanted to on Sunday. I felt I may get in a second 5 mile run that afternoon but it did not happen, time just got away with errands.

My goal was to just run at a nice pace till I could not run anymore and see how far and what my time was. I figured I would get in about 2 hours without any problem, as long as the weather was cool. Instead it was ugly and I had to do my training indoors so I choose the eliptical since its easy on the knees.

Feel really good today, nothing sore. I am sure I could have did another good steady hour or more. I don't have anything set up, or signed up for per say its just one of my 2010 goals to do a full Marathon.

That workout did put me 1 day behind in my P90X program so I am on day 58 today not 59.

Here are my stats from my Sunday run on the eliptical:

1 st mile time = 12.00 mph level 1 resistance 1
2nd mile time = 11.00 level 4 resistance 15
3rd mile time = 10.00 level 4 resistance 20

Mile 4 & 5 = level 1 resitance 1 and I did not track my time on the last 2 miles.
Here is how I ended up:
11.00 average mile = 5 miles = 55.00 min
9800 steps

I have not done this long of steady cardio in a very long time, but I felt I could have gone longer. This was a very nice pace for me, and I added the inclines just to get a better average on what it would be like on the pavement.

Todays workout & snack:

Post workout smoothie batch (Makes 6 cups)
1 c spinach (cooked in microwave)
3 scoop vanilla whey
3 bananas
3 c coconut milk
1 c blueberries........DELISH!

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 58

Chest and Back
Wt - 118
Time of workout = 40 min

22 standard pushups 12 reg 10 modified
8 wide front pullups
12 military pushups
7 reverse grip chin ups
12 wide pushups
10 close grip overhand pullup
10 decline pushups
25 heavy pants 10lb db
8 diamond pushups
20 lawn mowers 10lb db R
20 lawn mowers 10lb db L
8 dive bomber pushups
20 back flys 10lb db
10 wide fly pullups
12 standard pushups
6 reverse grip chin ups
8 military pushups
10 close grip overhand pullups
10 wide pushup
20 heavy pants 10lb db
12 decline pushups
25 lawnmowers 10lb db R
25 lawnmowers 10lb db L
4 diamond pushups
20 back flys 10lb db
10 dive bomber pushups

Getting the Rockstar Body...........

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