Wednesday, January 13, 2010

P90X Day 55 Legs & Back

P90X Day 55! Todays workout could have been so much better, I need to get up earlier to get myself more on the HOT TAMALE TRAIN! We do have sunshine here today that really helps keep me motivated I am sunshine/light kinda chic.

My knees feel better then ever, but this workout is many lunge and squat type moves. I should wrap my knees, but I am so bad about that, even though I have sleeves you slip on BUT I just don't do it. I use them every time for step class but not strength training. Silly T, would I tell a client that NOPE!

Why don't I do it?

I refuse to feel old and not able to do what I love and have done for over 25 years, again silly T. This ole dog is very hard headed thats for sure. This morning I set my thoughts on determination. Because if you have determination you will be dedicated. You need inspiration first, then the determination and with that you become dedicated and that in turn gets you results. I'm not sure Tony Horton inspires me, but feeling strong and sexy sure does!

Here is a thought, take this awareness test:

Write down on a small tablet, each day and record the totals. Do it for one week and see where you have the most areas that you may need to improve on. Don't look for bad things just look for AWARENESS of what could be improved on.

S.W.E.R. To do better.........
S - Spending - track it all = $ per day
W -Workout - how many minutes of fitness = 30
E - Eats - every thing you ate that day = circle right choices post number = 6
R - Relationship - did you lift someone up, kiss or hug a loved one? = yes (this can be online too, just letting others know you care or support)

When you get to the end of the week add your totals in each catagory and reflect on this new may be just the wake up call for change that you need to make. Or the following week set a new goal to do even better. I know I was not tracking my money as well as I could have, it was like oh $3 here or there on a coffee or something I really did not need. Also I improved my relationships too, I was finding that negativity was creeping in. Little things nothing big but it all adds up and I want to program myself to be the best that I can be at loving and making others feel good.

So try this little S.W.E.R. test and if anyone does this AND gets some results of awareness let me know. I will post mine the next 5 days here YIKES!

Here is my workout & snack today:
My post workout smoothie
1/2 banana
1 c coconut milk
1 scoop choc whey

P90X Round 2 Day 55
Workout - Legs and Back
Mood - good
Wt = ?
Time of workout = 25 mins
Cals burned = ?

20 chair balance lunge - each leg
25 calve raise squats
5 reverse grip chin ups
25 super skaters - each leg w/leg balanced
90 sec wall squats

Here is what I did last time I did this workout:
15 Chair balance lunges - each leg
25 Calve raise squats w/5lb db
20 Reverse grip chin up
25 Skaters
90 sec Wall squats
20 Wide pull ups
30 Step back lunges w/5lb db
24 Alt side lunge w/5lb db
15 Close grip overhand pullup
1min Single leg wall squats
40 Dead lift squats
15 Switch grip pull ups 15

I could have done so much better, now I will try to get the rest in after work tonight. Getting the Rockstar Body.........

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  1. Came across your blog today and first let me say KUDDOS to you girl for helping children! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can hear your passion in your writing!

    Please follow me along in my blog as I am writing about my current prep for my second figure competition as well as day to day motivation, life struggles, etc. that I have learned and keep learning. We are all here to help one another!

    Have a great day!