Tuesday, January 12, 2010

P90X Day 54

I really needed this after teaching circuit last night. I had a great workout day yesterday, and feel positive about finishing round 2 Classic P90X.

Circut class was:

Step up walking over step squats

Ball crunches (T did prone pikes)

Kettlebell swings 9lb body bar w/band chest and over head press

Jogging square or V steps your choice

Dead lifts DB 10lb

Wood chops with Med ball - 6lb

High marches

Everyone did great and we went around 2 times.

Todays workout: P90X Classic Round 2 Day 54

Workout - P90X Yoga

Mood - Relaxed Wt - 118

Time of workout - 45 minutes

Cals = 97

Moutain pose

Reverse Swan




Downward Dog

Runners Pose

Cresent Pose

Warrior 1 Warrior 2 Warrior 3


Twisting Triangle


Twisting Chair

Post workout snack: 1 scoop whey

1 c coconut milk

36 more days to go! Getting the Rockstar Body.......

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